I’ve got an injury, how can I work through it?

The truth is, we will all encounter some type of injury, soreness or pain while exercising, and personally I would prefer getting an injury from a great workout rather than suffering an injury as a result of being stiff and sedentary.

We just have to learn to listen to our bodies so we can continue to exercise safely.

To stay strong and injury-free, you might need to modify your workout to suit your limits or what your body is telling you that day.

That may mean lighter springs on days you’re sore, fewer reps when a flare up is bothering you, or less frequent workouts if you’re just getting back into an exercise routine.

I started my Pilates journey as I had injured my ankle and could not perform.

I tried, I really tried, as I could not imagine being confined to a couch while I was recovering.

I then decided to use the time to recover to strengthen the rest of my body and started at Stott Studio in Toronto Canada.

The rest is years and years of teaching and trying to perfect my Pilates training. I went back to performing stronger then I had been and more balance through my body.

I encourage anyone to continue to train what you can, find a studio or gym that can give you the best information for your injury and how to work the rest of your body while recovering one part of your body.


  1. Stronger in other parts of your body
  2. The body will continue to use the muscle memory of the good parts of the body to assist the recovering part to heal.
  3. Mentally we need to get up and do something
  4. We need the endorphin’s and adrenaline to continue the drive to move and be happy

Take a moment, don’t give up and keep pursuing those fitness and health goals even when we are challenged with injury.

Just keep moving!