Stay Motivated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do we do that?

‘Staying motivated’, sounds easy right? With winter here and the days shortening, it is not always appealing to be out an about and can be challenging to keep the mind and body moving.

It’s time to change it up!  Many of us find it easier to be active outside in the winter and not worry about being too hot.  But remember your sunscreen and water!   If you are a gardener, then this is a great time to prune, weed and mow until yours hearts content and what a great workout!  Try something new like starting a cycle class or finding a Sunday yoga session in the sunshine.

Here are a few other exercise motivational ideas;

  • Make a PLAN and stick to it!  Whether it be classes, walks or even indoor rock climbing!
  • Try some different Oxygen Pilates classes. Join our Body Wow Membership and receive unlimited classes for July and August. Explore the classes you have been wanting to try like Cycle, Xtend Barre, TRX and Yoga.
  • Take a look at your diet and spend time doing some delicious, healthy cooking for you and your family. This way you won’t get bogged down in the fats and sugars that don’t help the mind and body stay positive.
  • Buddy up! Encourage a friend to do your walks with you or find a class together. This way you both benefit.
  • The sun is a great way to get your Vit D requirement.  Did you know that Queenslanders are the lowest in Vit D in the country?  Vit D helps strengthen bones and the immune system. Always stay sun smart.
  • Remind yourself how you feel after you have moved your body. Feels good right? Staying in a routine of exercise helps us all though the busy weeks and helps us sleep well.
  • Treat yourself to some great new active wear for winter workouts.

All of these things can help to keep us motivated through these short months of winter. At Oxygen Pilates, we are your number one motivators! So check out classes that you can add to your exercise repertoire. Also, check out our July/August unlimited class special when you join our Body Wow Membership. Summer on the Sunshine Coast is just around the corner, so keep up the good work and feel fantastic as you keep your body moving and active in whatever way you choose!