How stunning is the Winter here on our Sunshine Coast?

We’re so uplifted by how many of you are keeping away the Winter blues by continuing to attend your Pilates, Yoga and fitness classes with us at Oxygen Pilates. We’d like to share with you two of our favourite things to enjoy during the cooler evenings.

After a workout, taking a good soak in a warm bath with added salts or magnesium is one of the best recoveries for your muscles and mind. At Oxygen Pilates we like to be able to offer you the best available products for your body, so next time you’re at the studio taking a class, check out our range of quality items for you to take home.

Our most favourite Winter nourishment though is enjoying hearty soups to keep ourselves healthy, strong and full of vitality. Here for you to enjoy is Philippa’s own vegetable soup recipe.

Winter Warming Soup

You will need ;

8 carrots

2 onions/ you can use leeks also

1 sweet potato

1 swede/ like turnip but not

1 half butternut pumpkin

ginger from a jar or chopped yourself

a big, and I mean BIG, bunch of thyme

beef stock 1 cup

enough veggie stock to cover the veggies in the pot

(you can also just use veggie stock for everything)

2 pears (optional but adds a sweetness)

salt and pepper to taste


Method ;

Peel and cut all veggies.

In a large pot or fry pan, heat 2 tablespoons veggie oil or oil you normally use. (If you plan to use a pressure cooker to cook the soup you will still need to start in the fry pan)

Add your ginger and thyme (stems and all are ok as you will take out later.)

Add onions or leeks and cook until browned.

Add swede and carrots, keep on higher heat and stir to get heat through the pieces.

Add now your beef (1 cup) or veggie stock, let simmer. If you are using pressure cooker put other veggies in the pressure cooker and add mixture from the fry pan.

In a pot now add the rest of your vegetables. Season with salt and only add the pepper to taste when serving.

Add the pears last and stir all mixture together. Cover and let simmer until vegetables are soft (about half an hour) or cook in pressure cooker for recommended time.

When cooked use slotted spoon to remove thyme stems. Blend and serve with fresh parsley. Enjoy.