What is Mindset? How can your mindset be a working tool for you?

There are two types of mindsets; Fixed & Growth

A fixed mindset is working with our known and familiar skills, intelligence and talents, repeating your successes, focusing on outcomes without pushing too hard beyond your comfort zone.  A fixed mindset can certainly keep you fit!

A growth mindset is about acknowledging your goals beyond your skill set with a focus and determination to learn, viewing challenges as a natural part of this process. The key to a growth mindset is the knowledge that, no matter the set-backs, something will be gained. Creating awareness to a growth mindset can push you to places you may never have thought to go!

So what does this mean for our Pilates practice or, anything that we want to progress in? For those of us who identify with the growth mindset, keep plugging! Keep on working through every class or every opportunity mindfully, building your awareness, building skills and training your mind to become involved with the process. The process is what will get you to your newly set goals.

In Pilates, focus on the here and now. Listen to instruction. Feel your body’s adjustments. Use your breath. Train your mind to allow every moment no matter how challenging. Through dedication to the process, your most basic abilities will develop and you will be rewarded.  Development of your growth mindset has begun!

A little bit more information;

Mindset is a concept founded and developed by psychologist Carol Dweck.

Fixed mindset is when we are using skills and intelligence that we know we have and that we can demonstrate time and time again, often with the focus on an outcome. Along side this, we are inwardly self-evaluating our success and failures, wins and losses, intelligence and disappointments measured against these outcomes. Outwardly we might also be seeking approval and acceptance from those around us.  Fixed mindset can limit the opportunities we take.

Growth mindset is about a hunger for learning, an expansion of skills, talent and intelligence, pushing personal boundaries and viewing challenges as a process of learning. The growth mindset evolves the current skills and intelligence and, allows development of your potential through a focus on the process no matter what the outcome; A determination to see it through and a knowledge that something will be gained.

So, what do you think about your mindset? Can we change our mindset? The mindset develops from childhood through nurture, environment and role modelling. As adults, some will not believe that our mindset can change. Dweck, the psychologist, believes that we are all capable of moving to a growth mindset.

For those of us who identify with a fixed mindset, but now believe in our untapped potential, start by simply identifying a goal which may be outside your skill set and focus on the process, not the outcomes.

So when you are next challenging yourself at Oxygen Pilates or at some fabulous location on the Sunshine Coast, bring awareness to your mindset and thrive on the possibilities.