How do you unwind from a big day or from stress?

Managing the constant stress that can be a by-product of a busy life is an important mission.  Left unattended, our well-being mentally, physically and emotionally can become casualties and the effects can ripple out to other areas of our lives. So, whilst ignoring the stress in the hope that it will go away may work for a period of time, there will come a point that it all needs releasing.
By learning to release our stress in healthy ways with intention and consistency, we can develop amazing and long lasting habits. Relieving tension physically, emotionally and psychologically allows us to operate with more clarity and kindness towards ourselves and those around us.  Becoming less triggered by stress is a journey of learning and recognition. Being able to reach into our ‘toolbox’ to manage our stress through a process of exploration of relaxation, breathing and exercise options are some ways that may help.
For those of you who are already well experienced with a routine of exercise, you already know the effects this has for you!  Many people report needing the outlet of an exercise routine to let off steam, use up energy, diffuse stress and focus on something other than the mental aspects of every day.  Exercise also has the incredible ability to release the ‘happy hormones’ endorphins, so a sense of joy, calmness, release and more follows! This can be an incredible mood boost, whether you walk, run, play a sport, dance in your kitchen or do Pilates!
Anything that feels good will release stress and re-energise you.
Relaxation & Breathing
One way our body responds to stress is via the release of cortisol or, the stress hormone.  The function of cortisol in our body is an important regulator for balancing our immune function, glucose metabolism and blood pressure just to name a few things.  However, when we are in a constant state of stress, consistent cortisol release can lead to inflammation and a compromised immune system.
Actually relaxing physically, either through a gentle walk in nature, gentle stretches, a guided or self-guided relaxation, with intention, we can allow our minds to release the mental or emotional strain that so often gets carried within our physical body. Pairing this with a deliberate breath exercise or breathing exercises on their own, of which there are many, can foster a relaxation process, where we can interrupt our own stress response.
Other Suggestions;

Of course, there are so many ways to release stress besides what is offered above.  Other ways may include, but are not limited to, the following;

Creative pursuits


Addressing self-talk and self-judgement

Acknowledging what we are grateful for

Spiritual practice

Hanging out with friends and family

Being in nature…..

The list is endless really, but the point is that, although the good in our lives can sometimes seem overshadowed by the stressors, an exercise in any of the above can create a little bit of space to explore and release.

And always, there are so many incredible practitioners around us who are ready and willing to support you in your journey should you feel that this is what you need.