Posture is where it all begins

Let’s take a moment to look at what we might think BAD posture is.
– rounded shoulders
– head either leaning forward or back
– sinking into lower back with shoulder line behind the line of the hips
– walking with bent legs
– pot-belly
– muscle aches
– headaches from poor neck alignment


Over time poor posture due to weakness or over use of certain muscles leads to an imbalance of opposing muscles (say the front and back of the shoulder)
If the front of your shoulder is collapsing forward and not supported by the back of the shoulder that roundness will only increase, becoming very imbalanced and creating the rounded shoulder.

I found as a dancer I was over using my Quads or front of my thighs and not balancing enough the inside and back of my legs. Working these balances made a big difference not only in the look of the muscles but in the performance of both sides of my legs.

We then need to try to rebalance this by working the muscles or shortening the muscles of the back of the shoulder and stretching or lengthening the front of the shoulder.

Good posture should feel effortless. There is no gravity pulling on the front or back of the body if the body is aligned correctly and the body is stacked upwards not forward or back.


If you observe children, children have a natural curve to their spines and an ease and flow to their movements. Note that the alignment from their heads to the centre of their feet are in the best possible position to have no strain through the front or back of their bodies.

Improve your general posture

Checking how you are positioned when you are sitting. Are your shoulders rounded forward towards your desk? If so stretch your shoulders in the opposite direction and then try to sit in a better position again.

Regular stretching of your body helps to keep balanced with strength and flexibility.

Your abdominals support your lower back so try to keep them in good condition. Doing abdominal exercises to keep them tight will reduce sag through the front and pull through your back.

In the Pilates method there is a strong focus on working the strength of the center of the body. The bases of the work we do at Oxygen Pilates is challenging the core stability using your limbs with or without resistance.

So when you are walking the beautiful beaches of the Sunshine Coast, sitting having a coffee at Mooloolaba, driving to and from work remember you are creating the body awareness with every moment and setting the better patterns of great posture.