Philippa Hayball, is owner and instructor at Oxygen Pilates these past 13 years.  Philippa draws on more than 30 years experience as a dancer and performer whilst simultaneously combining a teaching career in Ballet and Pilates.

A little background:  At the age of 6, Philippa started Ballet.  At 14, Philippa began teaching ballet. This opened her horizons to studying ballet in Canada and she went on to perform with incredible ballet companies around the world. Working incredibly hard, Philippa experienced first hand the level of dedication needed to thrive physically, mentally and emotionally and observing others doing the same.
It was during Philippa’s time with The Phantom Of The Opera that she was spotted by a talent scout from the Cirque du Soleil.  She earnt a place amongst the Cirque within the magical mix of dance, circus and theatrics. Philippa not only danced for Cirque du Soleil, but also performed as an aerialist (dancing in the air as she says!). This provided opportunities to work with different bodies within all sorts of physical arenas and began a 9 year stint with the Cirque.
From 1998, Pilates became a solid and complimentary practice to Philippa’s dance career and a way of improving her functionality and healing of the body.   Having gained her initial Pilates certification with STOTT Pilates in Canada (often called the “Ivy League” of Pilates education), Philippa was soon teaching Pilates and functional movement to the Cirque performers.  At this time, Philippa also did emergency medical training in Las Vegas and was on the emergency team for the shows she performed with. Philippa has continued to gain numerous qualifications including Xtend Barre, Aerial Hoop and more. She is a master trainer and sought after mentor for many in the fitness industry.
During her career, Philippa has had several abdominal surgeries, ankle surgery, 3 shoulder surgeries, torn muscles, strained ligaments and tendons all to achieve effortless stage presence. These experiences give Philippa a special knowledge of the pain and mental hardships injuries can create.  Thus, empathy and understanding for all clients at varied life stages, whether they be a hard working mum, professional athlete or someone recovering from illness or injury, Philippa has made a personal goal to support all who come to her.
Philippa continues to learn as she offers her best care to all clients.  Her incredible 30 plus years journey is the foundation for the nurture you will receive at Oxygen Pilates.