Philippa is an internationally recognised ballet dancer, singer, acrobat and fitness instructor. Highlights from Philippa’s extensive career include; 8.5 years internationally touring with the Cirque du Soleil, Performances with different Dance companies in Canada and 8 years with the Phantom of the Opera. Having gained her initial Pilates certification over 18 years ago with STOTT Pilates in Canada (often called the “Ivy League” of Pilates education), Philippa has continued to gain numerous qualifications in Emergency Medicine, Xtend Barre Aerial Hoop and more. She is a master trainer and sought after mentor for many in the fitness industry. Philippa has a drive and passion for helping people reach their goals, having assisted countless clients here on the Sunshine Coast through her business at Oxygen Pilates for the past 9 years.

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Sherrelle Dolphin


Sherrelle’s teaching style is intuitive and uncovers the hidden strengths of her students whilst challenging them to reach beyond their perceived limitations.  With her precise hands-on adjustments, helping to access and awaken the life force in dormant areas of the body, you will leave her classes feeling enlivened, awakened and renewed.  Growing up with a keen interest in theatre, dance and gymnastics, she spent many years as a circus performer, travelling with one of Australia’s traditional family shows as an aerial hoop and hula hoop artist.  Sherrelle began a formal exploration into yoga after experiencing the benefits that breath awareness and relaxation had on her mind and nervous system.  Pilates then offered the balance that her physical body had been craving after a lengthy exploration into meditation.  Constantly looking for ways to weave each modality into the other, Sherrelle enjoys nothing more than to share her passion for mindful movement and has developed an accessible style of teaching that is balanced in strength, flow, alignment and stillness.

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Kate loves Pilates! It has enabled her to learn to ride in her mid-forties, keeps her swimming and running, settles her when she feels troubled and invigorates her when she feels tired. With a background in education, nursing and midwifery, and a recent graduate of university anatomy subjects, Kate approaches Pilates from a scientific evidence based perspective. She is committed to keeping up with current research on core and pelvic floor activation, Pilates in pregnancy and the role of exercise in promoting optimal aging, both physically and intellectually. Her insight into the workings of the body means Kate’s clients become fitter, stronger and enjoy life to the fullest no matter what age.




Simone has always been an active person, growing up in a family with all members always involved in one or more sports and highly competitive.  As an adolescent she turned to high intensity training at the gym and cross fit before being introduced to Pilates. Once Simone found Pilates and learnt the many benefits this low impact method has to offer each and every individual, she fell in love with it and wanted to help share, teach, train and inspire others.

Simone is a very enthusiastic and driven instructor who values her clients, their wants and needs and truly believes in the Pilates Method to help anyone. Using the combination of the 6 Pilates Principles – Concentration through Mind & Body connection, Centering using the inner core, Control of movement & alignment, Breath, Precision in movement and Fluidity, Simone will help educate, train, inspire and lead you to achieving your personal goals.

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Years of persistent lower back pain sent Amy searching through many body therapies and exercise modalities looking for relief. Once she found Pilates, she knew she didn’t need to look any further, and with consistent practice she soon found the relief she was looking for. With a background in various forms of body work and years spent working as a massage therapist, Amy found the Pilates focus on body awareness and precision of movement perfectly suited her. The wisdom and intelligence of the movement principles underlying the Pilates system are what attracted Amy the most and continue to keep her passionate about Pilates. Introducing new people to this amazingly adaptable form of exercise has been a continual source of discovery and joy for Amy. Amy has been practicing Pilates for twelve years and teaching for ten.

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Welcoming Keir as a new instructor to the oxygen studio!
Keir discovered Pilates while working in the London financial markets. Time short, highly stressed, and nursing injuries, he immediately felt results and was impressed by its efficiency. “Work Smarter, not Harder” is the attitude he brings to training and this is reflected in his teaching ethos: Focus on Technique, and Strength and Mobility will follow. “Pilates continues to have a powerful positive effect in every physical aspect of my life, from learning to surf, to chasing my toddler round the park and up trees, to general health and well being.” He is certified by both Breathe Education and Polestar Pilates.