“Isn’t that just when I need a drink of water…?”  Well yes and no, let’s look at it closer…


What is dehydration?

Dehydration is when more water is moving out of the body’s cells than what we can take in through drinking. When your body and cells lose too much water the body becomes out of balance, sometimes leaving us feeling a headache or nausea, but often not realising it is caused from dehydration.


How to recognise dehydration?

Some first signs might be dry mouth, craving water, muscle cramps, a headache starting and or weakness to your body. One very good indicator is if you stop sweating while working out or even enjoying playing in the park on a hot day. If you have stopped sweating the body’s fluid levels are already too low to continue cooling the body and maintaining balance (no it is not that you are not working out hard enough that you have stopped sweating!). At this point it’s best to stop, find a cool spot and start to re-hydrate.


How do I re-hydrate my body?

One glass of water just won’t cut it to re-hydrate your body if the balance is already disturbed. At this point picture every cell in your body is now a little raisin, not a beautiful fluid filled grape, and we want full grapes as cells! A glass of water will not be able to hydrate the cells. It actually takes a few days to fully recover from dehydration and that is with constant fluid intake.  NO this is not including alcohol, coffee, tea, as all of these dehydrate your body even more. It is suggested we drink one to one, so one glass of water to every glass of one of these other liquids to maintain the best balance of fluid in the body.


Is water all I need?

Water is best, but the cells in your body are made up of a lot more then just water so look at replacing the electrolytes, magnesium, potassium and calcium in your cells. These can be replaced by non-sugar electrolyte replacements, or better know as ‘Hydrolyte’ (or an organic version called ‘Pure’. These drinks allow you to re-hydrate and get the necessary sugars, salts and minerals the body is craving.


So next time you are working out at Oxygen Pilates, or doing a run along Maroochy River, or simply enjoying a picnic at one of the Sunshine Coast’s beautiful beaches, remind your friends to have a drink of water and stay healthy and happy for the day.