Health and Holidays!

Here we are, holiday season is upon us! What a fantastic time of year to see family and friends and perhaps have a few extra days away from work or a regular schedule.

Some people plan months in advance, some, just days and some only moments! But all for the same goal, to have FUN and relax!

So, how does ‘health’ mix in with holidays?

Although holidays are a time for fun, they can also be pretty stressful for the organisers. People that are most settled in a routine may find it hard also to adapt to no routine.

To help with anxieties around holidays and also the usual indulgence of food and alcohol, it is great to have a plan on how you can maintain your exercise routine or how you can adapt during holidays. Add a walk after dinner with the family on the beach, or see the Christmas lights or I look forward your best fur friend anywhere! You get my drift. Spending time with your loved ones and maintaining good health are a great combination.

The idea is to keep active, not to the point you feel exhausted, but to the point you feel fresh oxygen in your lungs and blood pumping around your body. This will keep you energised and in a positive mindset and keep the holiday blues away. The point of holidays is to revitalise the body and recharge for another year ahead.

At Oxygen Pilates, I love seeing everyone excited about their holidays and working so hard through the year right to the end. This includes making great choices around health, food and fitness and seeing amazing results both in inner health (feeling energised and positive) and physical goals (feeling stronger, leaner and reaching weight loss goals).

It is such a treat to be along for the journey of your goals! Thankyou!
So, relax into it, maintain your well-being goals and recharge!

Enjoy the beautiful Sunshine Coast Beaches or Hinterland walks.