Welcome to 2020!

And we are off! 2020 is well and truly under way. There is nothing we can do to slow down time. With this in mind, let’s look at YOU!

Let’s talk about your goals

This time last year, we were talking about Mindset in relation to your goals. Always so relevant to any goals that you have.

So, what is Mindset? This concept is founded and developed by psychologist Carol Dweck. There are two types of categorised mindsets; Fixed and Growth. Check out our blog at https://oxygenpilates.com.au/what-is-mindset/

Many of us may have a belief as to what this means for us personally. A growth mindset can become a way of turning dreams into goals, and with perseverance and time, into a reality. Identify what it is that YOU want. Sounds simple enough! In doing this, consider what you want beyond your current situation, skills set and knowledge. Be prepared to challenge yourselves and be ready to rock your own boat! In relation to your Pilates practice, amp it up a notch, whatever that means to you; new class, extra class, stronger focus, more practice. The choice is yours, but make it meaningful and push outside of your comfort zone.


We have a new bright spark on the block! We would like to warmly welcome our new instructor Stef Devonshire.

Here is a share and some inspiration from Stef;

‘My Pilates journey started with injury rehabilitation on the reformer. It was then I felt the wonderful strengthening effects of Pilates. Pilates has helped me to regain my free movement and health. I have found Pilates to be a perfect balance of strength and elongated movement, two things of which helps me in my everyday life. I love this feeling of free movement that Pilates supports and provides and am excited to share these with others. I look forward to my journey at Oxygen Pilates and am excited to be part of such a caring and knowledgeable team.’

Thanks Stef and we are loving the time spent with you already and look forward to the benefits of your expertise and passion into the future.

February Workshop

Believe me when I say, that we at Oxygen are part of your team of supporters. Our aim is always to help you in any way we can to achieve your goals. This is why we are adding other dimensions to your goal keeping journey. Check out this upcoming workshop;

We are all Goal Keepers!

We will do everything we can to assist you to keep your goals. We will work as hard as you, matching strength for strength because you inspire us as much as I hope that we inspire you. So, bring it on and lets make 2020 a good one.

Yours in Pilates